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Consultant (Cloud&IT)

Consultant & Advisory

We offer a blend of data mining, technical expertise and analytical tools to create and transform apps, processes, and operations in line with the unique possibilities. Our IT consulting services will help you focus on what you need and simultaneously align operations and financial objectives.

- Smooth data flows and routine task automation that leverage a variety of solution and technology mixes
- Process continuity and consistency
- Data accessibility and security across distributed infrastructures and disparate corporate solutions

Relevant System Integration Experience

SongMao’s software integration engineers possess the knowledge and the experience necessary for building complex architectures capable of supporting real-time, event-driven or message-based operating environments.

We absorb and research all the critical details and requirements of your application and find exactly where SongMao can help. From complex data & back-end code, to visual design & front-end support. We do it all.

Long-gone are the days of linear processes. Our process is a network of teams, adopted from the Agile Methodology. The project management, design and engineering teams are constantly turning, absorbing new feedback and evolving ux patterns, all-the-while keeping communication high between the teams and our clients. The impact of the inevitable challenges of building software is reduced to a minimum using the agile method. SongMao is able to react and address bugs and glitches without affecting scope.